Bio Gas System

The biogas technology is attributed with dual benefits in the form of supply of a clean and high calorific fuel to meet the domestic fuel needs of rural areas and provision of an aerobically digested slurry with high manorial value. In addition to this, it is known to reduce the pathogenic load of nights oil at a substantial level when toilets are attached to the biogas plants. Hence it is an eco – friendly technology helping to reduce the destruction of forests by offering a fuel alternative to wood at the doorstep of the house and accruing a social benefit in way of alleviation of the drudgery of women in collection of firewood and cooking. It is also an environmentally sound technology as it provides a safe method for disposal of organic waste preventing spread of diseases and controlling pollution, considering all these attributes together, the nutrient  recovery through anaerobic digestion in biogas plant represents a more economic and efficient option in obtaining good quality manure for our farming systems.

In addition to its application in farms for improvement in  soil fertility and obtaining higher crop yields, the bio digested slurry has lately been put to multiple utilities like soil amelioration, cultivation of aquatic biomass, organic hydroponics, mushroom cultivation, earthworm rearing etc.

Manorial value of bio – digested slurry (BDS) :

Anaerobic digestion of raw animal dung by microbes in the biogas plant offers more advantages in improving the manorial value of the slurry as compared  to the manorial product of aerobic decomposition.