Rain Water Harvesting - Modern Architecture

Rain Water Harvesting And Modern Architecture

The Rain Water Harvesting System Can Be Incorporated With The Landscape Plan And  Transformed Into A Design Feature, Adding To The Aesthetics Of The Project.

Rain Water Harvesting Elements Can Be Effectively Used For Flood  Prone Areas.

It Is Time For Us To Realise That Rain Water Harvesting Is Not Just For Meeting The Water Requirements But It Has To Be Made An Intergral Part Of The Building Design.

Incorporating The Rain Water Harvesting Scheme Right From The First Stage Of Execution Makes It More Economical. The Water Obtained Can Be Used For Construction Purposes Too.

  • Cost Of The Rain Water Harvesting System Is Maximum : 0.5%.
  • Cost Of Water Requirement For Construction Is 4.0%.
  • Using Harvested Rain Water Saves 3.5%.
  • Since Already Used For Construction, It Is Time Tested And Till The Building Exists, It Is Free Of Cost.

Studying The Project Requirements

Stages In Designing The Rain Water Harvesting System

Discussions With The Design Team

Studying The Proposed Development Plan And Its Features.

The Research : Site Conditions, Site Features, Site History, Proposed Planning.

Carry Out The Hydro-Geological Survey, Dowsing Rod Method Survey, Pendulum Diagnostics  And Lecher Antenna Survey.

The System Takes Time To Mature And Once It Does Then The Available Water Can Be Put To Use As Desired.

Proposing A Suitable Rain Water Harvesting Scheme