Solar Hot Water System

We are blessed with Solar Energy in abundance at no cost. The solar radiation incident on the surface of the earth can be conveniently utilized for the benefit of human society.

One of the popular devices that harness the solar energy is Solar Hot Water System (SHWS).

A solar water heater consists of a collector to collect solar energy and an insulated storage tank to store hot water. The solar energy incident on the absorber panel coated with selected coating transfers the heat to the riser pipes fitted underneath the absorber panel.

Generally  in  this  part  of  the  world  the  capital  cost  spent  for   this  is  recovered  within 3 – 4 years,  thereafter  it  is  totally  free  of  cost.  The   maintenance  is  also  negligible.  Generally  the  cost  varies  from  Rs. 150/-  to Rs. 200/-  per  ltr.  of  the  system depending  on  the  capacity  of  the  system.