Rain Water Harvesting - Introduction

What Is Rain Water Harvesting?

Roof Top Harvesting :
Collecting Roof Water / Water From The Impermeable Area, Filtering It And Storing It In The Rain Water Harvesting Tank.  The Rain Water For The First Seven Days Is  Not Collected / Arrangements For First Flush Should Be Made.  Later, The Collected Rain Water Is Filtered Through Sand, Coal And Lime And Then Made Avaialble For Use. The Rain Water Harvesting Tanks Can Be Placed Either At Ground Lvl Or At Refuge / Service Flr Lvl In High Rise Buildings And Then Supplied Through Gravity . The Collected Water Can Be Used For Primary Uses After Purification And For Secondary Uses After Filtration.

Ground Water Recharge :
Collecting The Rain Water Falling On The Plot Of Land And Percolating It  Into The Ground At Hydro-Geologically Suitable Points And  Thus Increasing The Ground Water Table and Using The Same All Throughout The Year.