About Us


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our firm of Architects, Interior Designers, Town planners, Environmentalist & Government Approved Valuers.

Instead of only giving the quantum of jobs carried out by us, we would like to explain some of the concepts involved, which will enlighten & explain to you our method of working and handling them. We wish to stress here that we concern ourselves not only with aesthetics but also with functionality, climatology, environment, socio-economics and last but never least with the time factor involved.

Mungekar and Associates also has knowledge of VASTU-SHASTRA - THE OLD INDIAN ARCHITECTURE which is based on modern science, climatology, coupled with prosperity of the user & also doing research to obtain DOCTORATE in Environment and Ecology and also Recipient of AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ARCHITECTURE 1998, FOR THE PROJECT “ROOF WATER MANAGEMENT OF HOLIDAY HOME / TRAINING CENTRE” AT VILLAGE BHOSE PANCHGANI FOR M/S. ION EXCHANGE INDIA LTD.