Rain Water Harvesting - The Design

Rooftop Storage And Utilisation

Roof Water Harvesting

  • Storage of Rain Water On Roof Top
  • Area of Roof X Avg. Rain Fall = Availibility of Rain Water
  • Water From Roof Stored In The Side Open Space
  • Requires To Reduce – Garden / Parking Space
  • Open Storage Of Water Would Result In Evaporation Loss, Contamination.
  • Covering On Water Tank Would Be Required .

Care After Post Harvesting

  • No  Water  Storage  Below  Toilets,  The  Volume  Of  U.G.  Water  Storage  Tank   To  Be  Designed  Accordingly.
  • No  Inspection  Chamber  Near  U.  G.  Water  Storage  Tank.
  • Inspection  Chamber  Of  R.C.C.  Or  C.I.  With  Perfect  Water  Proofing.
  • Drain  Pipes  /  Inspection  Chamber  Should  Be  Away  From  Water  Storage.
  • Drain  Pipes  Not  Of  2’-0”  China  Ware  With  Socket  Spigot  Joint  But  20’-0”  Heavy  P.V.C.  Pipes  Should  Be  Used.