Knowing What is Not Known:

Clairvoyance – (Supernatural Power of seeing objects that are out of sight).

Penduluar Diagnosis

(An extremely popular method of alternative health care.) One of the most remarkable discoveries of pendulum diagnosis is that it can give advance warning of an illness and it can diagnose mental and spiritual illnesses.

Diagnosis Analysis with Pendulum
(This could be a photograph or handwriting, a small vial containing a sample of urine, a strand of hair, specimen of blood or saliva etc) The diagnosis chart lists the seven main systems of the body, and enables one to quickly determine where the patient’s problems lie.

There are differences in every person’s appearance, intelligence and way of thinking. In the same way, there is difference in every word’s meaning and its sense. These words have tremendous effects on the surroundings since they can travel all around this world just by using any available medium. These sound waves that are in fact vibrations is called Dowsing. With dowsing, we can find answers to the most interesting questions of our lives.

Every living thing in the nature emits different types of waves in which particles vibrate. These vibrations are not of one kind, but of different wavelengths. The frequency and the magnitude vary with each living thing. These vibrations can be measured by scientific instruments. Any kind of problem in the living things changes the frequency and the magnitude of the waves. Vibrations are emitted even from most of the non living things.

To dowse means to find something. One ho finds is called a Dowser who can answer all the required questions.

The first question which is asked while beginning the dowsing session is: “Shall I Dowse?” or “Can I do dowsing?” which creates an expectation of an obvious set of answers: yes or no.

Every action that we execute requires methodical thinking therefore even the action of asking the question to the pendulum requires a sensible structure of the question.

Every question that is asked while dowsing, whether it is in Marathi, Hindi, Cannad, Telugu, Tamil, Sinhilli, English, French or German language, has the same structure and has the same answer, which is either yes or no. the second question which is generally required to be asked is: Is it a good timing for to do dowsing? This question is to get a sense of the time and its limits. Even this question triggers two possible choices of answers, yes or no. We can reinterpret one thing from all this; that the answer to any question is received without any difficulty. The process of receiving the answers from the pendulum can be compared with that of a computer. The letter ‘A’ when typed renders the number 1000001; and this number is stored by the computer in buffer and then in temporary memory. But while displaying on the screen, it is again converted to a visible “A” form and is rendered.

Since the creation of the earth, every event is recorded by the vibrations and is available to be detected through the “Space” medium of the “Panchamahabhutas”. On this earth, there is not a single thing from which the vibrations are not created or reflected. To be able to understand these vibrations and waves, we translate them, transliterate them and then characterize them.

Our saints and seers recognized the power of the vibrations generated by different words and then created the Mantras. The science to read the vibrations generated by the mantras has been created. Since then, the dowsing is a prominent science for reading these vibrations. The major use of dowsing has also given it a second name, Vibration Science. Entire world is full of different types of vibrations. To make use of the most advantageous vibrations in this nature, we must learn and understand Dowsing completely.

The human’s know how to communicate with help of the languages. We know how to understand each other’s emotions and thoughts. Hence only humans can study the fundamentals of dowsing. When a person is infected by a disease, and when the doctors declare his inoperability, that time dowsing can help one find the true cause.

We can find about the energy, behavior, education and health etc of any person with dowsing. We can determine the favourable career domains, their branches, their limits and possibilities of success with the help of dowsing. We can even dowse to find out a vulnerable person’s diseases and illnesses.

When the best medical doctors fail, there the use of expertise of a dowser becomes essential. This is because many times the MRI, CT scan, Sonography, and other reports give out no detail of the illness then turns out to be an outcome of many other problems of family, marriage and mental health. Therefore,

Dowsing is Pathology of all Sciences
We can make one more use out of dowsing, that is, we can measure different frequencies of the waves and associate them with different diseases we know. We can even show that there are specific energy levels available of a person and they change when that person is ill. It is necessary to observe the different wavelengths and magnitudes of electro-magnetic waves, observe how effective the suggested solution to the person’s illness is, and perceive the results of the suggested solution on the affected person.

Now we will study the factors which make a dowser do his best.

Determining your goal:
You must be determined to become a good dowser. Be perceptive, and and reinterpret what you see without bothering anything. Be impartial. Make notes. Take unbiased decisions.

Getting Started to Dowsing :

  • Pick a peaceful place.
  • Wear clothes which make you feel fresh.
  • Sit straight and stable.
  • Close your eyes, spell “Omkara”.
  • Breathe deeply and calmly.
  • Be positive and believe that you will be 100% successful in dowsing.
  • Believe your answers when they come out.
  • We should think the following.
  • The negative thoughts are getting removed from my mind and the negative energy is getting removed from my body.
  • (You should repeat this for three times. You should imagine like the negative vibrations are released from you in form of smoke.)
  • I am getting positive thoughts and building good energy level in my body.
  • (You should repeat this for three times. When you are saying this you should imagine that your favourite colours are entering into your body.)
  • I am going to give my successful service to the people and all living things on the earth. (Including plants, animals etc.)
  • (You should meditate three times, while meditating you can imagine things as mentioned above.


An important thought: Why to learn dowsing?

  • Finding something that is unknown to us.
  • Trying to expose the hidden truths.
  • Make use of the hidden truths to the community.
  • Increase your hobbies and things you like.
  • Enjoyment.
  • To educate yourself
  • To help the society.
  • To test the purity of your personal items.
  • To increase your personal and family revenues.
  • To justify the rate of success of your business.
  • To find a place that can bring prosperity, happiness and health to you.


Let us now classify the dowsing sessions.

Dowsing for Family :

  • What decisions to take in your family?
  • What decisions to take in your family?
  • Get a job, or start a business?
  • What kind of business to start if doing business?
  • How to find the threats and oppturnities, chances of success in business?
  • How to plan and what to plan for your kids?
  • How should the wife/husband contribute in financial matters?
  • When, which and where to buy a house?
  • How to pick not only a favourable but the best house?


Dowsing for Finance :

  • By what ways to earn money?
  • How effectively does the employment or business contribute to the financial needs of the family?
  • How and what to invest in?
  • Will share trading contribute to the family’s financial situation?
  • What to do after retirement? How to find all this with dowsing?


Dowsing for Education :

  • Which career stream to pick for study?
  • Will the selected stream bring success?
  • Will the selected stream help the financial growth?
  • Will the selected educational stream increase the skills and respect received?
  • Understand the applications of all subjects.
  • Understand that the dowsing experience is the key to treasure of knowledge.
  • Decide the subject and questions of the dowsing session in advance.
  • Keep choosing new subjects and understand them.
  • Find the subcategories inside the subjects and inspect them
  • Don’t only think about the medical solutions but also about the mental conditions when dowsing for health.
  • If the patient is mentally stable and s willing to get better, only then the medicines will be able to cure him.
  • Concentrate on your main topic of dowsing and ignore your curious mind.


How to plan and control your dowsing?

  • Concentrate on your intention rather than other things while dowsing.
  • Neither the dowser nor the people around him should use mobile phone while dowsing.
  • It will be of an advantage if the person for whom you are dowsing is available with you in your room.
  • Your dowsing session should not be repeatedly interrupted.
  • The place must be as peaceful as possible.


Relationship of Dowsers and Customers :

  • Always look for new questions and new challenges.
  • Brief your customers on dowsing before you dowse for them.
  • Educate all the attendees about the principal of the dowsing: vibrations.
  • Customers are like a tree which gives you mangoes, and they will always give you the sweet mangoes.
  • Educate your customers according to their needs. Help them believe it all.
  • Note down the details of your customers including address, age, business, the asked questions and the advised answers. This information will come handy to you.
  • Don’t be in a confusion that your customer will come only once to ask you his doubts.
  • Increase your customer’s counts; give them a reliable service which lasts long.
  • Be a good listener in front of your customers. Understand their problems and try to resolve them.
  • Be familiar to the ways of treating customers.
  • Good dowsers satisfy their customers and hence those dowsers get more customers.
  • Customers start respecting the dowsers who give them good service.
  • Ask your satisfied customers to rate your service in points between 1 and 10.


How to be a successful dowser :

  • There can be obstacles while you are dowsing. Don’t get befuddled and keep trying.
  • If problems arise when you dowse, consult your teacher.
  • Achieving success requires you to work hard, be honest and patient.
  • Believe your work to be your goals while dowsing.
  • Dowsing for Society and Health :

  • What social work to do that will bring metal satisfaction and peace?
  • For how long the money should be invested for health?
  • Which medical method to use for mental stability and peace?


Dowsing for Business :

  • Which exam should be taken to achieve the greatest possible job posting?
  • What side business to do if already employed?
  • What type of business to choose?
  • How to increase the business?
  • What future plans should be created for business?
  • By what ways the workmen who can be hired in a small business which deals with costly material?
  • How to spot the thieves in the company?
  • What punishment can be given to thieve workmen?
  • Which place should be chosen as best workplace?
  • What goals should be kept so that the business achieves its best?
  • How to find the best, the most honest and most hardworking workmen out of the rest?
  • What steps should be taken to increase the productivity and proficiency of the workmen?
  • How to make use of Multiple Intelligence concept in dowsing?
  • How to choose the right people for business?
  • How to involve the customers in a business?
  • How to inspect the competitors, and then make advantageous strategies for your own business?


Lecher Antenna

Ernst Lecher discovered the principle of measuring energy in 1890. The Lecher Antenna was developed by a group of German physicists in 1975 based on Dr. Lecher’s principle. In ancient days “Institution” is only the way to find the body vibration. It cannot be proven. But now there is an instrument measures the energy fields surrounding the physical body. To determine the physical health of clients, all fields, that is organs, parts of the body, disease in the body having different frequencies. The energetic field should property center with our physical body. The misalignment causes into mental discomfort and suffering. It leads into nervousness, lack of energy, tiredness even after complete rest, sorrowfulness, cannot control emotions, fearfulness towards troublesome situations. If the energetic and physical body alignment is corrected then you can recover your full potential, healthful sleep, able to face properly personal situations, attain your goals, turned to the right changes and will get love, progress, prosperity, health, satisfaction, empowerment, money, happiness in your VASTU. Are your fields/vastu surrounding your body at their favourable point of your physical body?

There are four fields surrounding your body, the thermic, magnetic, electric and chromatic. Thermic fields related to the heat surrounding the body. If the magnetic field is inside the thermic field, your creativity will spoil. The magnetic field relates to the body (-) principle. If the electric field is inside the magnetic field, if you do not have creativity in the mind then you can’t take any action. Even you can’t have desires to do that action. The electric field relates to the body (+) principle.

The chromatic field is too close to your body even you are unable to overcome your discomforts and diseases. If this field far away you can overcome the sickness and can heal your body. Chromatic fields relates to the mental and spiritual body. In the sessions: you are taught how to fix your own energy.

The principle of Lecher’s wire

Lecher Antenna is based upon Nano Technology. This technology used in atom level. It is a micro million minute but most powerful technology. By this technology, with a small space, or thing we can do many more things with the antenna.

It is more an attempt of explanation of an absolute truth. It highlights the sinusoidal way of the electrical current with bellies of tension and nodes of intensity. Any metal conductor in the space constitutes an antenna, which collects and emits at least half of what it collects. The Lecher antenna corresponds to a closed line with the one of its ends. The position of the cursor will give a specific indication:

With a generator of Gigahertz, emitting in the cent metric waves, the correspondence on the antenna of Lecher can be checked. The cent-metric scale of the antenna also makes it possible to appreciate harmonies with organic resonance in the electromagnetic spectrum. The human body, thanks to the antenna of Lecher, is able to select information with the lower part of the electromagnetic background noise, which does not allow the apparatus, measurements objectify subliminal.


  • To identify the vastu defects and negative energy in the building and apply perfect remedy.
  • To identify the exact treatment and medicine in all therapies.
  • To identify the blocked Acupuncture point as well as to identify chakra levels for Reiki and Pranic Healers and to improve the life style, peace and happiness in family.
  • To identify the obstacles in Career and Business.
  • To identify the negative energy in the electronic and electrical equipments i.e. Microwave and TV.
  • To identify the positive and negative energy in the precious and semiprecious stones.
  • To identify the water flow in the earth.
  • To check the earth energy and precaution and prevention of diseases.
  • To bring co-ordination between various shastras.
  • To identify the strength of the planets in Horoscope.
  • To identify the witchcraft and to remove it.


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