Rain Water Harvesting - The Design

Surface Run Out To Be Stored & Recharged

The Average Rainfall In Mumbai Is 2300mm

  • Since Municipal Drains Are Designed Of 50 %, Thus Flooding Takes Place, Especially Low Level Plots Get Flooded Which Are Generally On Reclaimed Area.
  • Thus All Water Flows Down The Drain Without Percolating Whatever Water I.E. 3 % Is Lifted From Near By Well Leaving Them Dry Or Bring Saline Water

Ground Water Recharging

  • Necessary To Do The Geologial Survey & By Test To Find Out The Level Of   Non Permiable Strata.
  • Solution – Clean / Refill / Recharge / Existing Aquifers.

Bombay In 1855

Bombay In 1870 - 1970

Geological Map – Bombay And Surroundings